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how wealthy a country is.
Gross National Product
total value of all the goods and services produced by people and companies from one country in a year.
invisible trade
exchange of services and transfers of money including aid and foreign exchange from tourists.
a land turning into a desert
when two or more contries have a shared need to exchange one anothers goods.
transfer of money, goods and expertise from one country to another for free or at low cost.
Visible trade
exchange of goods that can be counted, measured or weighed.
Primary products
those obtained from the land or sea with out being processed or made into another product
Secondary products
manufactured goods
exchange of goods and services between countries.
Where a country becomes more into mass producing products.
waves erode coastline by throwing pebbles against a cliff face
rocky opening through a headland formed by wave errosion
ridge of sand or shingle across the entrance to a bay or river mouth
sloping area of sand and shingle between the high and low water marks
hollow at the bottom of a cliff eroded by waves
steep rock outcrop along a coast
Constructive wave
gently breaking wave with a weak swash and strong backwash
ageing population
increasing percentage of old people
Birth rate
number of births per 1000 population per year
Death rate
number of deaths per 1000 population per year
dependency ratio
relationship between people of working and non-working ages
movement of people into a country from another country
life expectancy
average number of years that a new born child can expect to live
movement of people either into or out of an area
Natural decrease
death rate higher than birth rate declining population
Natural increase
birth rate higher than death rate growing population
population policy
national plan for the population change
population structure
the make up of a population usually shown in a population pyramid
pull and push factors
circumstances that attract or drive people to migrate refugee-person forced to flee from thier country or place or residence
To do with people and the way that they live
To do with the economy, money and earning a living
To do with the government and how a place is run.
Call center
A place where people are employed to work all day long on the phone (e.g. telephone banking).
Something that can be continued into the future without harm
Sustainable development
Development that contributes to social, economic and enviromental well being
Sustainable tourism
Where the local people have a say and gain gain economical or social benifits and the environment is not harmed.
Everything to do with tourists, including the activities they take part in and the services that support them.
Continental crust
The outer layer of the earth which carries land