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at duga
to be able to, have the knowhow/skill
eg dugi
I know how to
tú dugir
You (sg) know how to
Dugir tú at tosa føroyskt?
Do you know how to speak Faroese?
Eg dugi ikki at tosa føroyskt.
I don't know how to speak Faroese.
Eg dugi eitt sindur av føroyskum.
I speak a little Faroese.
Tú dugir væl!
You do well/you're good at it!
Dugir tú enskt?
Do you speak English?
hon dugir
she knows how to
Hann dugir týskt.
He speaks German.
vit duga
we are able to
Duga tit fyrstuhjálp?
Do you (pl) know first aid?
Hvussu væl duga teir føroyskt?
How well do they (m) speak Faroese?
Vit duga at dansa salsa.
We know how to dance salsa.
Tey duga at dansa føroyskan dans.
They know how to dance the traditional Faroese chain dance.
Vit duga danskt.
We speak Danish.
Hann dugir spanskt.
He speaks Spanish.
Eg dugi at spæla gittara.
I know how to play guitar.