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at skilja
to understand
Skilir tú føroyskt?
Do you (sg) understand Faroese?
Eg skilji eitt sindur av føroyskum.
I understand a little Faroese.
Eg dugi ikki at tosa føroyskt, men eg skilji eitt sindur.
I don't speak Faroese, but I understand a little.
Skilir tú meg?
Do you (sg) understand me?
Eg skilji teg ikki.
I don't understand you (sg).
Eg skilji tað ikki.
I don't understand it.
Eg skilji hettar ikki.
I don't understant this.
Hvussu nógv skilir hon?
How much does she understand?
Hon skilir einki.
She understands nothing.
Hann skilir ikki eitt orð.
He doesn't understand a word.
Vit skilja eitt sindur.
We understand a little.
Tey skilja nógv.
They (m + f) understand a lot.
Hvat merkir tað?
What does it/that mean? (that abstract thing we were just discussing)
Hvat merkir hettar?
What does this mean?
Hvat merkir hattar?
What does that (there) mean?
Hvussu sigir man hettar á føroyskum?
How do you say this in Faroese?
Hvussu sigir man hettar á enskum?
How do you say this in English?