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Maður og drongur

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ein maður
a man, husband (nom)
the man (nom)
ein mann
a man (acc)
Ein maður sær ein mann.
A man sees a man.
the man (acc)
Maðurin sær mannin.
The man sees the man.
Sært tú mannin?
Do you see the man?
Eg síggi ein mann.
I see a man.
Maðurin sær meg.
The man sees me.
tveir menn
two men (nom, acc)
tríggir menn
three men (nom)
tríggjar menn
three men (acc)
the men (nom)
the men (acc)
Eg síggi tveir menn.
I see two men.
Menninir síggja menninar.
The men see the men.
Eg síggi tríggjar menn.
I see three men.
Tríggir menn eru her.
Three men are here.
einum manni
a man (dat)
the man (dat)
Eg gevi einum manni hundin.
I give the dog to a man.
Eg gevi manninum hundin.
I give the dog to the man.
tveimum monnum
two men (dat)
the men (dat)
trimum monnum
three men (dat)
Eg gevi trimum monnum bilin.
I give the car to three men.
Eg gevi monnunum bilin.
I give the car to the men.
Hundurin er saman við manninum.
The dog is (together) with the man.
Eg síggi mannin við hundinum.
I see the man with the dog.
ein drongur
a boy (nom), boyfriend (nom)
ein drong
a boy (acc)
the boy (nom)
the boy (acc)
Hann er ein drongur.
He is a boy.
Hann er drongur mín.
He is my boyfriend.
Hettar er drongur mín, hann eitur Jógvan.
This is my boyfriend, his name is Jógvan.
Hettar er maður mín, hann eitur Gunnar.
This is my huband, his name is Gunnar.
Drongurin hjá mær eitur Jákup.
My boyfriend is named Jákup.
Hvar er drongurin?
Where is the boy?
Eg síggi drongin har yviri.
I see the boy over there.
Eg síggi ein drong.
I see a boy.
Hon eigur ein trý ára gamlan drong.
She has (owns) a three year old boy.
einum drongi
a boy (dat)
the boy (dat)
Eg gav dronginum hundin.
I gave the dog to the boy.
Hann kom við einum drongi.
He came with (brought) a boy.
tveir dreingir
two boys (nom, acc)
trimum dreingjum
three boys (dat)
Hann kom við trimum dreingjum.
He came with (brought) three boys.
the boys (nom)
the boys (acc)
the boys (dat)
Dreingirnir síggja dreingirnar saman við dreingjunum.
The boys see the boys (together) with the boys.
Hann hevur tríggjar dreingir við.
He has (brought) three boys with him.
Hon hevur tveir dreingir!
She has two boyfriends!
ein vinmaður
a male friend (nom)
Hettar er vinmaður mín, Jógvan.
This is my friend, Jógvan.