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Neuter Nouns 1b - like borð with a vowel change

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Eitt barn
a child (nom, acc)
Tvey børn
two children (nom, acc)
the child (nom, acc)
the children (nom, acc)
Børnini eru her.
The children are here.
Eg síggi eitt barn.
I see a child.
einum barni
a child (dat)
the child (dat)
trimum børnum
three children (dat)
the children (dat)
Barnið sær børnini saman við barninum.
The child sees the children (together) with the child.
eitt bræv
a letter (nom, acc)
eitt træ
a tree (nom, acc)
eitt spæl
a game (nom, acc)
Eitt bræv og eitt træ eru í spælinum.
A letter and a tree are in the game.
Eg síggi brøvini og trøini í spølunum.
I see the letters and trees in the games.
Træið er við síðuna av húsinum.
The tree is next to the house.