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Verbs 1 - like Skriva, present tense

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at skriva
to write
eg skrivi
I write
tú skrivar
you (sg) write
Eg skrivi eitt bræv.
I write a letter.
hann skrivar
he writes
hon skrivar
she writes
vit skriva
we write
tit skriva
you (pl) write
Dreingirnir skriva brøv til mín.
The boys write letters to me.
Gentan dugir at skriva fleiri orð.
The girl knows how to write several words.
Vit duga at skriva.
We know how to write.
at kalla
to call, name (something)
Eg eiti Elisabeth, men mamma mín kallar meg Lisa.
My name is Elisabeth, but my mother calls me Lisa.
Hvussu kalla vit hattar?
What do we call that (there)?
at mála
to paint
Eg máli hvønn dag.
I paint every day.
Hon málar húsið blátt.
She is painting the house blue.
at elska
to love
Dreingirnir elska at mála.
The boys love to paint.
Hon elskar hann, og hann elskar hana.
She loves him, and he loves her.
Eg elski teg, elskar tú meg?
I love you, do you love me?
at kosta
to cost
Hesin kostar nógv, men hasin kostar næstan einki.
This one costs a lot, but that one costs almost nothing.
Hvussu nógv kosta húsini í Havn?
How much do the houses cost in Tórshavn (nickname)?
at súkkla
to ride a bicycle
Ein genta súkklar í Havn.
A girl bicycles in "Havn".
Sært tú apurnar? Tær súkkla har yviri!
Do you see the monkeys? They are bicycling over there!
Maður mín elskar at súkkla.
My husband loves to bicycle.
Dugir tú at súkkla?
Do you know how to ride a bike?
at byrja
to begin
at dansa
to dance
Vit byrja at dansa saman.
We begin to dance together.
at hugsa
to think, believe, imagine
Eg hugsi um apurnar sum súkkla.
I'm thinking about the monkeys that bicycle.
Vit hugsa um tykkum.
We are thinking about you (pl).
at bíða
to wait
Hon bíðar eftir tær.
She's waiting for you.
Vit bíða saman.
We wait together.
at passa
to fit
Tað passar.
It fits/makes sense/seems true.
Nei, tað passar ikki.
No, that can't be.
Bilar passa ikki her!
Cars don't fit here!
at smakka
to taste
Tað smakkar væl.
It tastes good.
Hettar smakkar deiligt!
This tastes lovely!
at orka
to have the motivation/energy/ability/strength to do something
Tey orka ikki at dansa meira.
They don't have the energy to dance more.
Nei, eg orki ikki í dag.
No, I don't feel up to it today.
at ætla
to intend to, plan to
Vit ætla at mála húsið blátt.
We plan to paint the house blue.
Hann ætlar at skriva henni eitt bræv.
He plans to write a letter to her.