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at eita
to be called
eg eiti
I am called/my name is
Eg eiti Hanna.
My name is Hanna
Eg eiti Jógvan.
My name is Jógvan
Tú eitur
You (sg) are called/ your name is
Hvussu eitur tú?
What is your (sg) name?
Eitur tú Marja?
Is your name Marja?
Ja, eg eiti Marja.
Yes, my name is Marja
Nei, eg eiti Hanna.
No, my name is Hanna
og tú?
and you?
Eg eiti Jógvan, og tú?
My name is Jógvan, and you?
hann eitur
his name is
Hann eitur Jógvan.
His name is Jógvan
Eitur hann Gunnar?
Is his name Gunnar?
hon eitur
her name is
Hvussu eitur hon?
What's her name?
Hon eitur Hanna.
Her name is Hanna
tey eita
they (n, or m + f) are called, their names are
Tey eita Hanna og Jógvan.
Their names are Hanna and Jógvan
teir eita
they (m) are called
Teir eita Gunnar og Jógvan.
Their names are Gunnar and Jógvan
tær eita
they (f) are called
Tær eita Hanna og Marja.
Their names are Hanna and Marja
Stuttligt at hitta teg!
Nice to meet you (sg)!
Stuttligt at hitta tykkum!
Nice to meet you (pl)!