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at hava
to have
eg havi
I have
tú hevur
you (sg) have
Hvussu hevur tú tað?
How are you (sg)?
Eg havi tað gott, og tú?
I'm well, and you?
Hvussu gongur?
How's it going?
Tað gongur væl, takk!
It's going well, thank you!
Tað gongur væl, og hjá tær?
It's going well, and with you?
hon hevur
she has
hann hevur
he has
vit hava
we have
tit hava
you (pl) have
Hvussu hava tit tað?
How are you (pl)?
Vit hava tað gott!
We are well!
Hann hevur eitt barn.
He has a child
Hon hevur eitt barn.
She has a child
Tey hava eitt barn.
They (he and she both) have a child
teir hava
they (m) have
tær hava
they (f) have
Teir hava tað gott.
They (m) are well
Tær hava tað gott.
They (f) are well
Hevur tú frí?
Are you off (from work)
Hevur tú ein sjeik?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Hevur tú eina gentu?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Eg havi tað ikki so gott.
I'm not so good.
Tað gongur ikki so væl.
It's not going so well.
Hevur tú koyrikort?
Do you have a driver's license?