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Nominative Nouns 1 - Masculine - like bilur

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ein bilur
A car (nominative singular)
ein hundur
a dog (nominative singular)
Ein bilur er har.
A car is there.
Har er ein bilur.
There (in that place) is a car
Ein hundur er har.
A dog is there.
ein úlvur
a wolf (nominative singular)
ein bátur
a boat (nominative singular)
Ein úlvur er her!
A wolf is here!
Ein bátur er her.
A boat is here
Ein hundur og ein úlvur eru her.
A dog and a wolf are here
the car (nominative singular)
the boat (nominative singular)
Bilurin er her!
The car is here!
Hann er her.
It (the car) is here.
Báturin er har.
The boat is there.
Bilurin og báturin eru har.
The car and the boat are there.
the wolf (nominative singular)
the dog (nominative, singular)
Hundurin er her.
The dog is here
Hvar er úlvurin?
Where is the wolf?
Úlvurin og hundurin eru har.
The wolf and the dog are there
one (n)
a (m), one (m)
two (n)
two (m - nominative)
tveir bilar
two cars (nominative)
three (n)
three (m - nominative)
four (n/m/f)
tríggir bátar
three boats (nominative)
fýra hundar
four dogs (nominative)
five (n/m/f)
fimm úlvar
five wolves
Har eru fimm úlvar.
There (in that place) are five wolves!
Tríggir bilar eru her.
Three cars are here
Her eru tveir hundar og ein úlvur.
Here are two dogs and one wolf
the cars (nom)
Hvar eru bilarnir?
Where are the cars?
Bilarnir eru har.
The cars are there
the boats (nom)
the dogs (nominative)
Hvar eru hundarnir?
Where are the dogs?
the wolves (nom)
Hundarnir og úlvarnir eru her.
The dogs and wolves are here
Har eru eisini fýra bátar.
There (in that place) are also four boats
Úlvarnir eru eisini her.
The wolves are also here
Tað er eingin úlvur í Føroyum!
There are no wolves (wolf) in the Faroes!