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At Síggja

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at síggja
to see
eg síggi
I see
tú sært
you (sg) see
Hon sær ein bil.
She sees a car
Eg síggi teg!
I see you (sg)
Sært tú meg?
Do you (sg) see me?
Hon sær hana.
She sees her
Hann sær hann.
He sees him
Eg síggi tað.
I see it.
vit síggja
we see
tit síggja
you (pl) see
tey síggja
they (n) see
Vit síggja tykkum.
We see you (pl).
Tit síggja okkum.
You (pl) see us.
Teir síggja tær.
They (m) see them (f).
Sært tú tað?
Do you see it?
Sært tú hvat eg síggi?
Do you see what I see?
Hygg her!
Look at this!