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Riba je u vodi
(There is a) fish in the water (literrally: fish is in water)
Knjiga je na stolu
The book is on the table
Jaje je na stolu
(The) egg is on the table
Telefon je na stolu
The telephone is on the table
Pet riba su u vodi
Five fish are in the water
Tri knjige su na polici
Three books are on the shelf
Ovde su četiri žene
Here are four women
Ima četiri stolice
There are four chairs
There is/there are (formal)
Dvoje dece su ovde
Two kids are here
Ima šest jaja
There are six eggs
Ima tri ključa
There are three keys
Ima dva telefona
There are two phones
Ima jedan krevet
There is one bed
Ima šest lopti
There are six balls
Jedna lopta je za tenis
One ball is for Tenis
Dve lopte su za košarku
Two balls are for basketball
Tri lopte su za fudbal
three balls are for soccer
Četiri lopte su za golf
four balls are for golf
Pet lopti su za rukomet
five balls are for handball
šest lopti su za odbojku
six balls are for volleyball
Da odbiješ
To push away (example: you push away the plate)
To push (physical act, to push open the door)