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Ima jedna šolja
There is one cup
Ima četiri stolice
There are four chairs
Ima dva stola
There are two tables
Ima jedna lopta
There is one ball
Ima jedan stol
There is one table
why (slang)
Why (formal)
Koliko ima riba?
How many fish are there? (literally: How many are there fish)
Koliko ima ključeva?
How many keys are there?
Koliko ima policajaca?
How many policeman are there?
Koliko ima jabuka?
How many apples are there?
Koliko ima kreveta?
How many beds are there?
Ima više od dve šolje
There are more than two cups
Tri tanjira su bela
Three plates are white
Pet činija su plave
Five bowls are blue
Koliko ima crvenih lopti?
How many balls are red? (literally:how many red balls)
Koliko ima žutih tanjira?
How many plates are yellow?
Koliko blizu je most?
How close is the bridge?