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Ima jedna...
There is one...(female gender item)
Ima jedan
There is one...(male in gender item)
Jedan tanjir
One plate
dva tanjira
two plates
tri tanjira
Three plates
Jedan tanjir je žuti
One plate is yellow
Dva tanjira su žuta
Two plates are yellow
Jedan tanjir je žut a drugi su crveni
One plate is yellow, the others are red (or the rest are red)
a drugi
the others (and the other)
Tree (wood)
wood (adj)
Jedan stol je drven
One table is wood(en)
Jedan tanjir je crven
One plate is red
Dva tanjira su crvena
Two plates are red
Tri tanjira su crvena a drugi su žuti
Three plates are red, the others are yellow (or the rest are yellow)
other/another (can also imply the rest or the remaining of something)