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žena nosi cipele
(The) woman wears shoes
Dečak ne nosi majicu
The boy is not wearing a t-shirt
Devojčica nosi majicu
The girl wears a t-shirt
Muškarac ne nosi cipele
The man is not wearing shoes
Tri žene nose pantalone. Jedna žena nosi suknju
Three women wear pants. One woman wears (a) skirt.
Muškarci nose šešire
The men (are) wearing hats
Devojčica ne nosi pantalone. Ona nosi suknju.
(The girl) does not wear pants. She wears (a) skirt.
Dečak nosi pantalone
(The) boy wears pants
Žena nosi pantalone
(The) woman wears pants
Žena nosi suknju
(The) woman wears a skirt
Žena nosi šešir
The woman wears a hat
Žena nosi haljinu
The woman wears a dress
On kupuje tri majice
He buys three t-shirts
On kupuje šešir
He buys a hat
Ona kupuje nešto na benzinskoj pumpi
She buys something na gas station (literally: she buys something on gas station
Ona kupuje dva šešira
She buys two hats
Muškarac nosi šešir
The man wears a hat
Muškarac nosi jaknu
The man wears a jacket
Muškarac kupuje jaknu
The man buys a jacket
Muškarac kupuje šešir
The man buys a hat
Ja kupujem suknju
I buy a skirt
Ja nosim suknju
I wear a skirt
Ja kupujem pantalone
I buy pants
Ja nosim pantalone
I wear pants
Ona kupuje benzine
She buys gas
to buy