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Jedna cipela
One shoe
Dve cipele
Two shoes
shoes (pair of - implied)
jedne cipele
one (pair) (of) shoes
odeća ili garderoba
clothes or clothes
šešir je deo garderobe
(A) hat is (a) piece of clothing
cipele su deo garderobe
Shoes are part (of) (an) outfit
suknja je deo garderobe
(The) skirt is (a) piece of clothing (or part of an outfit)
part (as in belonging to a whole, or portion)
Moje čarape su plave
My socks are blue
čarape greju moje noge
Socks warm my feet
to warm (infinitive)
Moja jakna me greje
My jacket (keeps) me warm (my jacket warms me)
Moja kafa me greje
My coffee warms me (warms me up, keeps me warm)
Dali vam je hladno?
Are you cold?
nije mi hladno
I am not cold
zašto vam nije hladno?
Why are you not cold?
Nije mi hladno jer imam jaknu
I am not cold because I have (a) jacket
because (because of)
Imam samo jedne cipele
(I) have only one (pair of) shoes
Imam samo jedne lepe cipele
(I) have only one (pair of) nice shoes
only (just, merely)
vino me greje
Wine (makes/keeps) me warm
Kafa me greje
Coffee (keeps) me warm
Dve osobe
Two people (as a couple)
Dve osobe su deo komiteta
Two people are part (of) (the) committee
To heat
ti si zgodan
you are hot (attractive/for a man)
ti si zgodna
You are hot (attractive/for a woman)