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Ko jede?
Who eats (or who is eating)?
Policajac jede
The police officer eats
Ko čita?
Who reads (or who is reading)?
đaci čitaju
The students read
Ko pije?
Who drinks?
Žene piju
The women drink
Ko piše?
Who writes?
Devojčica piše
The girl writes
Oni pišu
they write
Ko ima šešir?
Who has the hat?
Žena ima šešir
The woman has the hat
Ko ima loptu
Who has the ball?
Dečak ima loptu
The boy has the ball
Ko ima knjige?
Who has the books?
Devojčice imaju knjige
(The) girls have (the) books
Ko ima novine?
Who has the newspaper?
Lekar ima novine
The doctor has the newspaper
Who (acceptable in both croatian and serbian)