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Under/underneath (as an adverb or preposition)
dečak je ispod stola
The boy is under the table
devojčica želi čokoladu
(the) girl wants chocolate
in front of (preposition)
devojčica je ispred stolice
The girl is in front of the chairs
dečak jede
The boy eats
devojčica jede
The girl eats
dečak pije
The boy drinks
devojčica pije
The girl drinks
Muškarac je u kući
(The) Man is inside the house
žena sedi u pozorištu
The woman sits in the theater
Movie theater
Muškarac jede
The man eats
žena jede
The woman eats
Muškarac pije
The man drinks
žena pije
The woman drinks
dečak trči
The boy runs
devojčica trči
The girl runs
Muškarac trči
The man runs
žena trči
The woman runs
dečak čita
The boy reads
devojčica čita
The girl reads
Muškarac čita
The man reads
žena čita
The woman reads
dečaci jedu
The boys (they) eat
devojčice jedu
The girls (they) eat
Muškarci jedu
The men (they) eat
žene jedu
The women (they) eat
dečaci piju
The boys (they) drink
devojčice piju
The girls (they) drink
Muškarci piju
The men (they) drink
žene piju
The women (they) drink
dečaci čitaju
The boys (they are) reading
devojčice čitaju
The girls (they are) reading
Muškarci čitaju
The men (they are) reading
žene čitaju
The women (they are) reading
dečaci trče
The boys (They are) running
devojčice trče
The girls (they are) running
Muškarci trče
The men (they are) running
žene trče
The women (they are) running
The boys
The girls
(The) Men
(The) women
Da pliva
To swim
dečak pliva
The boy swims
devojčica pliva
The girl swims
Muškarac pliva
The man swims
žena pliva
The woman swims
dečaci plivaju
The boys swim
devojčice plivaju
The girls swim
Muškarci plivaju
The men swim
žene plivaju
The women swim
Da Kuva (Kuvati)
To cook
Muškarac kuva
The man cooks
žena kuva
The woman cooks
dečak piše
The boy writes
Devojčica piše
The girl writes
Muškarac piše
The man writes
žena piše
The woman writes