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On ima hleb
He has bread
Ona ima manje hleba
She has less bread
On ima novac
He has money
Ona ima manje novca
She has less money
On ima pirinač
He has rice
Devojčica ima manje pirinča
(The) girl has less rice
Žena ima najmanje pirinča
The woman has the least (amount of) rice
Devojčica ima tortu
The girl has a cake
Ona ima tortu
She has cake
On ima manje torte
He has less cake
Oni imaju najmanje torte
They have the least amount of cake
Ona ima manje torte
She has less cake
Žena ima voće
The woman has fruit
Dečak ima najviše voća
The boy has the most fruit
Mlada žena ima manje voća nego mladi muškarac
(The) young woman has less fruit than the young man
less (fewer)
Manje od
Less than
Devojčica ima više voća nego dečak
The girl has more fruit than the boy
Ove šolje su različite
These cups (they) are different
Ova penkala su ista
These pens (they) are the same
Ove igračke su iste
These toys (they) are the same
Ove stolice su različite
These chairs (they) are different