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Ja nisam dosta visok
I am not tall enough (I am too short)
Da bi
To be able to
skinuti se
to take
Under/underneath (as an adverb or preposition)
Ja nisam dosta visok da bi skinuo tu kutiju sa police
I am not tall enough (too short) to be able to take this box from the shelf
bookcase (showcase)
Bicikla je preskupa
The bicycle is too expensive (costs too much)
Bicikla je suviše velika za mene
(The) bicyle is too big for me
Po mome mišljenju
In my opinion
Po mome mišljenju
In my opinion (spoken fast)
Po mome mišljenju, bicikla je suviše velika za mene
In my opinion, (the) bicycle is too big for me
Ova stolica je mala
This chair is (too) small
Ova stolica je mala za mene
This chair is small for me
Po mome mišljenju, Ova stolica je mala
In my opinion, this chair is small
Koje boje je ova šolja
What color is that cup?
Ova šolja je crvene boje
This cup is red (in) color
Koje boje je taj šešir?
What color is that hat? (literally: which color is that hat)
Koje boje je tvoj šešir?
what color is your hat (literally: which color is your hat)
Sive boje
Gray color
šešir je sive boje
(The) hat is gray (a gray color) (literally: hat is grey color)