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Ove majice su jednake i iste su boje
These t-shirts are equal and (they) are the same color
Ove majice su iste boje
These t-shirts are the same color
Ove lopte su jednake i iste su veličine
These balls are equal and (they) are the same size
Ti si veliki
you are big (tall)
Ti si preveliki
you are too big
Bicikla je premala
The bicycle is too small
Ti si preveliki za ovaj bicikl
You are too big for this bicycle
sunčane naočare
sun glasses
Ove naočare ne odgovaraju za mene
These glasses do not fit me (fit for me)
ne odgovara meni
(This) does not fit me
ovo je suviše veliko
This is too big
ovo je suviše malo
This is too small
Taj šešir vam ne odgovara, jako je mali
That hat does not fit you well, it's (too) small
Ta majica vam ne odgovara. Jako je velika
That (t)shirt does not fit you well. It is (too) big
Ove cipele mi odgovaraju
These shoes fit me (well) (literally: these shoes me fit [well])
Ova jakna je suviše mala za mene
This jacket is too small for me
Dali vam naočare odgovaraju?
Do the glasses fit you?
Ove pantalone su velike za mene
These pants are (too) big for me
Ove pantalone su male za mene
These pants are (too) small for me
Ove pantalone odgovaraju za mene
These pants fit me well