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Dali vam haljina odgovara?
Does the dress fit you?
Da, veoma je lepa
Yes, very nice (well) (or it's very beautiful)
Da, stoji mi dobro
Yes, it fits me well (note the use of stajati)
to stand
Ja stojim
I stand (I am standing)
Dali vam majica odgovara?
Does (the) shirt fit you (well)?
Ne, suviše je mala
No it's too small
Dali vam naočare odgovaraju?
Do the glasses fit you?
Ne, suviše su velike
No, (they) are too big
Moj šešir je suviše mali
My hat is too small
Moje naočare su suviše velike
My glasses are too big
Moje naočare su veoma velike
My glasses are very big
Dali želite
Would you like...
Dali želite ovu majicu?
Would you like this shirt?
Ne, ne želim ovu majicu
No, no I would not like this shirt
Ne, ne želim je
No, I would not like it (literally: No, [I do] not want it)
Zašto vam se nesvidja ?
Why not?
Zato što je mala za mene
Because it's (too) small for me
Dali želite nešto?
Would you like something?
Dali želite nešto da jedete?
Would you like something to eat?
Dali želite nešto da pojedete?
Would you like something to eat?
Dali želite nešto da popijete?
Would you like something to drink
Dali ste gladni?
Are you hungry?
Da, veoma sam gladan
Yes, I am very hungry (masculine)
Da, veoma sam gladna
Yes, i am very hungry (feminine)