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Muškarac i pas
(A) man and (a) dog
žena i njen pas
A woman and HER dog
devojčica i konj
A girl and a horse
Policajac i njegov konj
A policeman and HIS horse
žena i njen auto
A woman and HER car
žena i njena mačka
A woman and her cat
Muškarac i njegov auto
(A) man and HIS car
Muškarac i njegova mačka
(A) man and HIS cat
Ona čita njenu knjigu
She reads HER book
On čita njegovu knjigu
He reads HIS book
Oni čitaju njihovu knjigu
They read THEIR book
Oni čitaju svoju knjigu
They read THEIR book
Oni čitaju svoje knjige
They read THEIR books
Ja čitam moju knjigu
I read my book
Oni jedu svoje jabuke
They eat their apples
Ja jedem moju jabuku
I eat (am eating) my apple
Ona jede njenu jabuku
She eats her apple
njenu i njezinu su isti
(Her -possessive) and (her-possessive) (they) are the same
ni jedno
Neither one
family (immediate)
Family (extended)
žena i njena ćerka
A woman and HER daughter
Muškarac i njegov sin
A man and HIS son
sin i njegov tata
(A) son and his dad
ćerka i njena majka
(A) daughter and her mother
ćerka i njeni roditelji
(A) daughter and her parents
Ona ide na poštu
She (is going) goes to the post office
Dve ćerke i njihovi roditelji
Two daughters and THEIR parents
Muškarac i njegova supruga
A man and his spouse
Muškarac i njegova žena
(A) man and his wife
Otac i njegova ćerka
(A) father and his daughter
žena i njena deca
(A) woman and her kids
Roditelji i njihovi sinovi
Parents and their sons