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Oni rade u kafiću
They work at the cafe
Ona čita u kafiću
She (is) reading (reads) at the cafe
Deca su u školi
(The) kids are in school
Muškarci su na poslu
The men are at work (the physical location)
Na radu
Physical labor, the act of working
Na poslu
Non physical work (work in general, as in at or on the job)
Njen posao je u banci
Her job is at the (in the) bank
Familija je u njihovoj kući
(The) family are in their house
Muškarci kuvaju na poslu
The men (are) cooking at work
Ja sam na poslu
I am at work (my job)
žena je u kući
The woman is in the house
Ona ide na poštu
She (is going) goes to the post office
Ona je u pošti
She is at (the) post office (literally: she is in the post office)
Mi idemo u park
We (are) going to (the) park (literally: we go in park)
žena sedi u pozorištu
The woman sits in the theater
Ljudi su stajali na stadionu
(The) people (were) standing (stood) in the stadium
žene čitaju mapu
(The) women (are) reading (a) map