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petrol (noun form for pretol gas)
(masc.) adjective form of the word "petrol"
benzinska pumpa
petrol station (gas station)
near (distance in closeness/proximity, not relationships)
blizu benzinske pumpe
near the gas station
Ona kupuje nešto na benzinskoj pumpi
She buys something na gas station (literally: she buys something on gas station
Čovek radi na benzinskoj pumpi
The man works at the gas station
Ona kupuje benzine
She buys gas
Muškarci trebaju benzine
(The) men need gas
Mi trebamo benzine
We need gas
On kupuje benzine i plaća kredit kartom
He buys gas and pays (with) credit card
On čita mapu
He reads a map
Ljudi stoje na stadionu
(The) people (are) standing in (the) stadium
žene zajedno čitaju mapu
(The) women read (the) map together (literally: women together read map)
Ona treba mapu
She needs a map
On kupuje mapu i plaća novcem
He buys (a) map and pays (with) money
On treba kafu
He needs a coffee
Treba mi kafa
(I) need (a) coffee
Ja bih hteo kafu
I would like (a) coffee
to pay
Movie theater