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Gde idete?
Where are you going?
Ja idem u apoteku
I (am going) go to (the) pharmacy
Mi idemo u knjižaru
We are going to the bookstore
Gde on ide?
Where (is) he going?
Gde oni idu?
Where are they going? (literally: where they go?)
On ide u školu
He is going to school (He goes to school)
Dali vi idete u školu?
Are you going to school? (Do you go to school)
On treba lek
He needs medication
Oni trebaju mleko
They need milk
Ja ću da idem u supermarket
I will go to the supermarket
Ja trebam benzine za moj auto
I need gas for my car
Ja ću da idem na benzinsku pumpu
I will go to the gas station
Gde si?
Where are you?
Gde si sada?
Where are you now?
Mi smo ispred pozorišta
We are in front (of the) theater
Mi idemo na poštu
We (are) going to the post office (literally: we go on post office)
Čovek je iza drveta
(The) man is behind (the) tree
Dećak je ispred drveta
(The) boy is in front of (the) tree
devojčica je ispred stolice
The girl is in front of the chairs
žena je iza čaršava
(The) woman is behind (the) sheet
Bicikla je ispred kuće
The bike is in front of the house