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Bicikla je iza kuće
(The) bicycle is behind the house
Konj je ispred muzeja
The horse is in front of the museum
žena stoji iza čoveka
(The) woman stands behind the man
čovek je pored žene
The man is next to the woman
čovek stoji pored žene koja sedi
(The) man stands next to (the) woman who (is) sitting
čovek je pored svoga auta
The man is next to his car
čovek stoji pored svoga auta
The man stands next to his car
Plavi auto je pored crvenog auta za vreme trke
The blue car is next to the red car during the race
za vreme
Ona je pored svoga konja
She is next to her horse
Ona stoji pored svoga konja
She stands next to her horse
čovek je ispod auta
The man is under the car
čovek je ispred auta
The man is in front of the car
čovek je iza auta
The man is behind the car
čovek je u autu
The man is in the car
žena je u muzeju
The woman is at the museum
čovek je na stolici
The man is on the chair
dečak je ispod stola
The boy is under the table
životinja je iza auta
The animal is behind the car
životinja je ispod auta
The animal is under the car
životinja je na autu
The animal is on the car
životinja je ispred auta
The animal is in front of the car
životinja je u kući
The animal is in the house
životinja je pored auta
The animal is next to the car