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Cveće je u njegovoj levoj ruci
The flowers are in his left hand
Ovo je njena leva noga
This is her left foot
Ovo je njena desna ruka
This is her right hand
Igračka je pored njegove desne noge
(The) toy is next to his right foot
desna noga
Right foot
leva noga
Left foot
Boy (17 years of age or older)
Girl (17 years of age and older)
Mladić i devojka sede na klupi
The (teenage) boy and the (teenage) girl sit at the bench
Devojka je na levo od mladića
The (teenage) girl is to the left of the (teenage) boy
Pas je na njenoj desnoj strani
(The) dog is at her right side
Bicikla je na njegovoj desnoj strani
(The) bicyle is at his right side
Karta je desno od njega
(The) map is (to the) right of him
Kafe je levo od njega
The cafe is (to the) left of him
Kafe je desno od njega
The cafe is (to the) right of him
Pozorište je desno od njih
The theater is (to the) right of them
Gde se nalazi pošta?
Where is the post office located?
Mi trebamo mapu
We need a map
Dali oni prodaju karte ovde
Do they sell tickets here?
Zdravo, mi smo želeli da kupimo karte ovde
Hello, we are wanting to buy (or we wanted to buy) tickets here
Hteo bih da kupim mapu grada
I would like to buy (a) city map
city (or town)
Koliko to košta
How much does it cost
košta pet dolara
(It) costs five dollars
Dali želite da platite novcem ili na kredit?
Would you like to pay cash or with credit? (literally: pay on credit)
Želim da platim sa kreditnom karticom
(I) want to pay with credit card
Želeo bih da platim sa kreditnom karticom
I would like to pay with credit card
(preposition) on, at, with, for (depends on context)
Here you are
na to
after that