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Gde bi ste želeli da idete?
Where would you like to go?
želimo da idemo na poštu
(We) would like (want) to go to the post office
Pošta je pored apoteke
(The) post office is next to (the) pharmacy
Apoteka je preko puta biblioteke
The pharmacy is across the street (from the) library
Deca stoje u redu
(The) children stand in line
Muškarci formiraju red
(The) men form a line
Žene stoje u redu
(The) women stand in line
Prva osoba koja stoji u redu, je visoka
(The) first person who stands in line, is tall
Druga osoba koja stoji u redu, ima plavu kosu
The second person who stands in line, has blonde hair
Treća osoba koja stoji u redu, ima crnu kosu
(The) third person who stands in line, has black hair
Četvrta osoba koja stoji u redu je žedna i pije vodu
The fourth person who stands in line is thirsty and drinks water
ona kupuje knjigu
She buys (a) book
Ona je kupila knjigu
She bought a book
On igra fudbal
He plays soccer
On je igrao fudbal
He played soccer
Ona trči
She runs
On je trčao
He ran
Ona jede
She eats
Ona je jela
She ate
On prodaje novine
He sells newspapers
On je prodao novine
He sold (a) newspaper
čitam knjigu
(I am) reading (a) book
Ja sam pročitao jednu knjigu
I read one book (past tense)
Ja sam pročitao dve knjige
I read two books
Ja sam pročitao tri knjige
I read three books
Ja sam pročitao cetiri knjige
I read four books
Ja sam pročitao pet knjiga
I read five books (past tense)
ona će kupiti odeću
She will buy clothes
ona kupuje odeću
She buys clothes
ona je kupila odeću
She bought clothes