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Dali želite...
Would you like...
želeo bih...
I would like...
(Mi) želimo
We would like...
gde želite...
Where would you like...
Dali ćete...
Are you going to....(do something)
Dali Volite...
Whether you prefer (formal); do you like...
Uzeo sam...
I took...(I had taken something)
uzeo sam parče torte
I took a piece of cake
uzeo sam poslednje parče torte
(I) took the last piece of cake
(indicates the last of something, i.e. last piece of pie)
Kako ste?
how are you (formal)
Kako si?
How are you (informal)
kako ste prošli na ispitu?
How did you do on the exam?
Test (exam)