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Šta ima novo?
What is new (what's up)
ja sam dobro, hvala. A ti?
I am fine, thank you. And you? (informal)
nema na čemu
you're welcome
is (short version)
On je dobro
He is good (fine)
On je srećan
He is happy
Ona je srećna
She is happy
ja sam dobro hvala. A vi?
I am good, thank you. And you? (Formal)
pas može da pliva
(A) dog can swim
pas ne može voziti auto
(The) dog can not drive (a) car
Čovek može voziti auto
(The) man can drive (the) car
mačka može trčati
(the) cat can run
mačka ne može čitati
(the) cat can not read
konj može hodati
horse can walk
riba ne može hodati
The fish can not walk
On može plivati
He can swim
beba ne može plivati
(the) baby can not swim
riba, ova životinja može plivati
fish, this animal can swim
pingvin je vrsta ptice
Penguin is (a) type (kind of) bird
pingvin može plivati
penguins can swim
on može voziti šezdeset kilometara na sat
He can drive 60 kilometers in (one) hour
biblioteka je jedan kilometar od pošte
The library is one kilometer from (the) post office
jedan kilometar je razdaljina
One kilometer is (a measure of) distance
Jedan kilometar je razdaljina izmedju njih
One kilometer is (the) distance between them
Ista osoba koja može voziti šezdeset kilometara na sat, ne može hodati istu razdaljinu
(the) same person who can drive 60 kilometers in (a) day, can not walk (the) same distance