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On prodaje voće
He sells fruit
Ona prodaje povrće
She sells Vegetables
Ona prodaje cveće
She sells flowers
On prodaje automobile
He sells cars
ona prodaje star šešir
She sells (an) old hat
Ona prodaje star auto
She sells (an) old car
On prodaje nove kišobrane
He sells new umbrellas
on prodaje nov auto
He sells (a) new car
ja kupujem star šešir
I buy (an) old har
On kupuje star auto
He buys (an) old car
ja kupujem nov kišobran
I buy (a) new umbrella
ovaj dućan za nakite prodaje star nakit
This jewelry store sells old jewelry
ova knjižara prodaje nove knjige
This bookstore sells new books
ovaj dućan za nakite prodaje nove nakit
This jewlry store sells new jewelry
ova knjižara prodaje star knjige
This bookstore sells old books
Shops (act of shopping, doing errands)
on kupuje lek u apoteci
He buys medicine at (the) pharmacy
Medicine (medication)
Ona prodaje merdevine
She sells (a) ladder
On kupuje merdevine
He buys ladder