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čovek nosi sat
(The) man wears (a) (wrist) watch
žena nosi sat
(The) woman wears (a) watch
devet sati
(It is) nine o'clock
četiri sata
(It is) four o'clock
jedan sat
(It is) one o'clock
tri sata
(It is) three o'clock
dva sata
(It is) two o'clock
tri sata posle podne
(It is) three o'clock in (the) afternoon
pet sati ujutro
(It is) five o'clock in the morning
osam sati ujutro
(It is) eight o'clock in the morning
sedam sati uveće
(It is) seven o'clock in the evening
jedanaest sati u noći
(It is) eleven o'clock at night