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to arrive (to reach, to happen to - as it relates to time, arriving reaching on time)
voz će stići u dva sata posle podne
(The) train will arrive at two o'clock in the afternoon
avion će stići u šest sati ujutro
(The) airplane will arrive at six o'clock in the morning
Autobus će stići u pet sati uveće
(The) bus will arrive at five o'clock in the evening
to depart
Voz polazi u deset sati u noći
(The) train departs at ten o'clock at night
Autobus polazi u šest sati i trideset minuta ujutro
(The) bus departs at 6:30 in the morning
Avion polazi u tri sata posle podne
(The) airplane departs at 3 o'clock (in the) afternoon
Izvinite, koliko je sati?
Excuse me, what time is it? (literally: excuse me, how much is time)