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expresses I can or can I (as in can I get to/congugation of možeti in the 1st person singular)
you can (Can you)
da kupite
(you) buy
možete da kupite
(you) can buy
To come/to get to (similar to stići, but stići is more for arriving on time)
mogu li uzeti taj autobus do muzeja
Can I take that bus to (get to the) museum
Ima autobusna stanica ispred muzeja
There is (a) bus stop in front of (the) muzeum
on foot
mogu li doći do restorana peške
Can I get to/arrive at (the) restaurant (by) foot?
mogu li uzeti ovaj voz za beograd?
Can I take this train to Belgrade?
je l' mogu da stignem tamo peške
Can I get there on foot?
Ne, ovaj voz ne ide za beograd
No, this train does not go to Belgrade
Dali ide taj voz za beograd?
Does that train go to Belgrade?
Dali ide ovaj voz za beograd?
Does this train go to Belgrade? (literally does go this train to Belgrade?)
Izvinite , gde mogu da kupim jaknu
Excuse me, where can (I) buy (a) jacket?
možete da je kupite
(you) can by it (assuming that it is a feminine noun)
možete da je kupite tamo
(you) can buy it there
da stignem
I arrive
mogu da stignem
(I) can arrive
mogu da stignem tamo
(I) can get there (literally: I can arrive there)
Kako da stignem tamo?
How do I get there?