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čovek hoda u planini
Man walks in the mountains
to sleep
devojčica spava na plaži
The girl sleeps on the beach
dečaci plivaju na jezeru
The boys swim in the lake
čovek i žena trče u šumi
The man and woman run in the woods (forest)
kiša pada na jezeru
It rains at the lake
kiša pada u šumi
It rains in the forest
sneg pada u gradu
It snows in the city
sneg pada na planini
It snows in the mountains
vreme je oblačno na jezeru danas
The weather is cloudy at the lake today
vreme je oblačno u parku danas
The weather is cloudy at the park today
Danas je sunčano na plaži
Today is sunny at the beach
Danas je sunčano na planini
Today is sunny in the mountains