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Red (neutral)
Mleko je belo
Milk is white
Pirinač je beo
The rice is white
Auto je beo
(The) car is white
Auto je crn
The car is black
Jabuka je zelena
The apple is green
Bicikl je zelen
The bicycle is green
Bicikle su crvene
The bikes (they) are red
Penkalo je crno
The pen is black
Penkala su crna
The pens (they) are black
Automobili su beli
The cars (they) are white
Jabuke su zelene
The apples (they) are green
Jaja su bela
The eggs (they) are white
Jaje je plavo
The egg is blue
Jaja su plava
The eggs (they) are blue
Bicikla je žuta
The bike is yellow
Bicikle su žute
The bikes (they) are yellow
Automobili su crni
The cars (they) are black
Lopta je crvena
The ball is red
crno i belo
black and white
zeleno i plavo
green and blue
sunce je žuto
The sun is yellow
nebo je plavo
The sky is blue
mesec je beo
the moon is white
cvet je crven
The flower is red
trava je zelena
The grass is green
jabuka je žuta
The apple is yellow
lopta je zelena
The ball is green
cvet je mali
The flower is small
cvetovi su mali
The flowers (they) are small
jaje je malo
The egg is small
jaja su mala
The eggs (they) are small
riba je velika
(The) fish is big
jaje je veliko
The egg is big
knjige su velike
the books are big
pas je mali
the dog is small
On je učitelj
He is a teacher
Ona je lekar
She is a doctor
Oni su policajci
They are policemen
On je djak
He is a student
Ona je đak
She is (a) student
Oni su đaci
They are students
Ja sam devojčica
I am a girl
Ja sam dečak
I am a boy
Ja sam muškarac
I am a man
Ja sam žena
I am a woman
Ja sam učitelj
I am a teacher (male)
Ja sam lekar
I am a doctor
Ja sam policajac
I am a police officer
There is/are
Ja imam crvenu knjigu
I have a red book
Ja imam žutu knjigu
I have a yellow book
Ja imam zelenu knjigu
I have (a) green book
Ti imaš crvenu knjigu
You have (a) red book (informal)
Ti imaš žutu knjigu
You have a yellow book (informal)
Ja nisam lekar
I am not a doctor
Jeli ste vi lekar?
Are you a doctor?
Jeli ste...?
Are you...?
šta vi pijete?
What are you drinking? (Formal)
šta vi jedete?
What are you eating? (formal)
Ja jedem pirinač
I (am eating) eat rice
šta imate?
What do you have?
Ja imam sendvič
I have a sandwich
Mi smo dečaci
We are boys
Mi smo...
We are...
Mi smo devojčice
We are girls
Mi smo lekari
We are doctors
Ja imam crvenu biciklu
I have (a) red bike
Mi imamo zelene bicikle
We have green bikes
Ja imam crvene jabuke
I have red apples
Mi imamo crvene jabuke
We have red apples
Ja imam crveno cveće
I have red flowers
Ti imaš crveno cveće
You have red flowers (informal)
Ona ima crveno cveće
She has red flowers
On ima crveno cveće
He has red flowers
Mi imamo crveno cveće
We have red flowers
Oni imaju crveno cveće
They have red flowers
šta vi radite?
What are you doing? (formal)
Muškarac kuva
(The) man cooks (or [the] man [is] cooking)
šta on radi?
What (is) he doing?
šta muškarac radi?
What (is) the man doing?
šta dečak radi?
What (is) the boy doing?
Dečak trci
(The) boy runs (or the boy is running)
šta lekar radi?
What is the doctor doing?
šta devojčica radi?
What is the girl doing?
šta policajac radi?
What (is the) police officer doing?
Devojčica hoda
The girl walks
Ja vozim
I (am) driving (I drive)
Ja pišem
I (am) writing (I write)
Ja sam učiteljica
I am (a) teacher (feminine)