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Co je to?-To je/to není

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Co je to?
What is it/that?
To je...
That/it is...
To je fajn.
That's nice/great.
To je skandál
That's a scandal/disgrace.
To je komedie.
That's a comedy.
To je provokace.
That's a provocation.
To je tragedie.
That's a tragedy.
To je šok.
That's a shock.
To je komplikace.
That's a complication.
To je chaos.
It's chaos.
To je problém.
That's a problem.
To je pravda.
That's true.
To je škoda.
That's a shame.
To je vtip.
That's a joke.
To je v pořádku.
That's ok/alright.
To je jedno.
It's all the same.
To je nesmysl.
That's nonsense.
To je všechno.
That's all.