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espaços verdes
green spaces; green areas
azeitona verde
green olive
maçã verde
green apple
olhos verdes
green eyes
vale verde
green valley
revolução verde
green revolution
tecnologia verde
green technology
empregos verdes
green jobs
legumes verdes
green vegetables
sinal verde
green sign; green signal
tartaruga verde
green turtle
cartão verde
green card
folhas verdes
green leaves
pimenta verde
green pepper
chá verde
green tea
ervilhas verdes
green peas
feijão verde
green bean
grama verde
green grass; green lawn
campo verde
green field
caixa verde
green box
salada verde
green salad
cheiro verde
a mixture of parsley and scallions (green onions) used in almost all savory Brazilian dishes
cebolinha verde
scallions (green onions)
milho verde
sweet corn (green corn, not fully ripe)
linha verde
green line