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not obeying the law, or not controlled by the law
rough OPP smooth
a man who is cruel, violent and not sensitive
sport that involves running on a track
feeling angry, jealous, and upset
start out
to begin happening or existing in a particular way, especially when this changes later
used to describe someone or something that has been given a name that you think is wrong
very violent or cruel SYN vicious
pit bull
a small but extremely strong and sometimes violent fighting dog
a vehicle used for travelling or carrying things into space
roller derby
a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track
contact sport
a sport such as American football, rugby etc in which players have physical contact
every so often
sometimes, but not often or regularly SYN every now and then/again
a slope made at a bend in a road or racetrack to make it safer for cars to go around
a shape like a circle, but wider in one direction than the other
to pass a competitor in a race who is one complete lap behind you
an area that you think of as being your own