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only have eyes for someone
to be interested only in that person and to ignore (or not notice) everyone else
at first hand
being there to see or hear it, in person
easy as pie
very easy
a man of means
a person with a lot of money
say the word
to give a signal to begin
in a split second
in an instant
hold your tongue
you have already said enough, you are being rude
hands down
easily and without any doubt
have your hands tied
to be unable to do what you want to do because of rules, promises, etc
many hands make light work
used to say that a job is made easier if a lot of people help
live and let live
used to say that you should accept other people's opinions and behaviour even though they are different from your own
live to fight another day
used to say that although you have failed or had a bad experience, you will continue