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play it safe
to be careful; to avoid risks
safe and sound
free from danger or injury
just for love
without receiving payment or any other reward
love is blind
when you love somebody, you cannot see their faults
all's fair in love and war
in some situations any type of behaviour is acceptable to get what you want
nothing could be further from the truth
nada más lejos de la realidad
stack the deck
to arrange something in a way that is not fair in order to achieve what you want [Usage note: This phrase comes from the idea of arranging a set of cards in a card game so that you will win.]
play your cards close to the vest
to holding your playing cards close enough to your chest so that no one else can see them. The idea is to prevent others in the game from gaining a strategic advantage over you.
jump on the bandwagon
to join others in doing something that is becoming fashionable because you hope to become popular or successful yourself
out of whack
no longer correct or working properly