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å strikke
to knit
en ull
a wool
en ullgenser
a wool sweater
en ullsokk
a wool sock
et materiale
a material
en papp
a cardboard, a paperboard
en pappeske
a cardboard box, a carton
å sy
to sew
en bomull
a cotton
et bomullsstoff
a cotton fabric
en silke
a silk
the Silk Road
et stål
a steel
en stålull
a steel wool
et grunnstoff
an element (lit "ground stuff/matter/substance")
å smi
to forge, to smith
et sølv
a silver
et kvikksølv
a mercury (lit "quicksilver")
et jern
an iron (the metal)
et kobber
a copper
et gull
a gold
Smi mens jernet er varmt!
Strike while the iron is hot!
en diamant
a diamond
et mineral
a mineral
en leire
a clay