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en samtale
a conversation
en feil
a fault, slip, error, mistake, flaw, wrong, defect
et valg
a choice
et ønske
a wish, a desire
å minne
to remind, to remember
en tanke
a thought
en drøm
a dream
en beslutning
a decision
et problem
a problem
et håp
a hope
ei tro
a faith
et ansvar
a responsibility
ei mulighet
a possibility
en verdi
a value
en årsak
a reason, a cause
et fred
a peace
ei kjærlighet
a love
et emne
a subject
en forståelse
an understanding, apprehension, realization
en fremgang
a progress
et samhold
a unity, fellowship, camaraderie
å tåle
to withstand, endure, tolerate
å lyve
to lie (not to tell the truth)
et formål
a purpose
et blikk
a look, glance, tin, glare, regard, can, view
et mareritt
a nightmare
ei opplysning
an enlightenment, an operator, a directory assistance
å våkne
to wake up
å oppfinne
to invent
å ombestemme seg
to reconsider, change your mind
et forslag
a proposition, a proposal, a motion, a suggestion
et syn
a sight, a vision, a view, a spectacle
å tenke
to think
å fortelle
to tell
The Enlightenment
en mening
a meaning, an opinion, an intention
ei løsning
a solution
ei enighet
an agreement, unity, accord, concord
å ta vare på
to take care of (something or someone)
ignorant, unaware
å late som
to pretend