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en musikk
a music
en fiolin
a violin
en fløyte
a flute, a whistle
å øve
to practice
en lyd
a sound
en gitar
a guitar
et piano
a piano
en tromme
a drum
et instrument
an instrument
en konsert
a concert
et band
a band
en sang
a song
et publikum
an audience
en scene
a stage, a scene
en komponist
a composer
et verk
a work, a creation
å inspirere
to inspire
en musiker
a musician
et bidrag
a contribution
en sanger
a singer
et musikkinstrument
a musical instrument
å imponere
to impress
en tilhører
a listener, an audience member
en sal
a hall, a chamber, an auditorium
en melodi
a melody, a tune
å kjenne igjen
to recognize
ei begeistring
an exuberance, an enthusiasm
en lytter
a listener
å begeistre
to excite, to enthuse
thrilled, enchanted, excited
et program
a program
en taushet
a silence