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en kontroll
a control
en hjelp
a help
en legevakt
an emergency room
ei nød
a distress, a want, a need, a destitution
en ulykke
an accident
en sykebil
an ambulance
et sykehus
a hospital
en nødbremse
an emergency brake
en brann
a fire, a flame
en brannbil
a firetruck, a fire engine
et behov
a need, requirement
en nødutgang
an emergency exit
en brems
a brake
å erklære
to declare, state, profess, pronounce
et katastrofeområde
a disaster area
et tiltak
a measure, an action, a step
å iverksette
to put in place
en omstendighet
a circumstance
en unntakstilstand
a state of emergency
requisite, necessary, requisite
en nødvendighet
a requisite, a necessity
ei bilulykke
a car accident (crash)
en skogbrann
a forest fire
å trekke
to drag, to draw, to pull
en katastrofe
a disaster, catastrophe
en evne
a capability, a faculty, a power
en brannmann
a firefighter