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news, tidings
en informasjon
an information
en tekst
a text
en press
a press (media)
en søker
an applicant
en kommentar
a comment
en nyhetskanal
a news channel
en kanal
a channel
en fortelling
a story
å sende
to send
et postkort
a postcard
en beskjed
a notification, an announcement
å fylle
to fill
et skjema
a form, a scheme
en underskrift
a signature
et søk
a search
et frimerke
a stamp
en post
a mail
en postkasse
a mailbox
en kilde
a source, a reference
et videospill
a video game
et postkontor
a post office
ei melding
a message, an announcement, a notice, a report, a notification
en kjendis
a celebrity
en idrettskjendis
a sports star, a sports celebrity, a celebrity athlete
en leser
a reader
en setning
a sentence
en mening
a meaning, an opinion, an intention
å rope
to call, to shout, to cry out
å høres ... ut
to sound (colloquial)
en plakat
a poster
ei spalte
a column (newspaper)
et blad
a leaf, a magazine, a blade (knife, turbine, etc.)
en artikkel
an article
å foregå
to take place, to be under way, to be in progress
å beskrive
to describe
en tekstmelding
a text message (SMS)
en kommunikasjon
a communication
en talsmann
a spokesperson, a spokesman
å motta
to receive
å bekrefte
to confirm, to acknowledge, to verify, to affirm
et inntrykk
an impression
en brosjyre
a brochure
å overvåke
to monitor, to supervise
et fjernsyn
a television (TV)
et fargefjernsyn
a color television
en bokstav
a letter, a character
en podkast
a podcast
et ordforråd
a vocabulary
en oversettelse
a translation
en journalist
a journalist
å gjelde
to be valid, to concern, to apply to, to pertain to
å fjerne
to remove
ei dekning
a hiding, an indemnity, a backing, a cover, a shelter