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en motstander
an opponent
en tyv
a thief
å angripe
to attack
å stjele
to steal
å true
to threaten
en fordom
a prejudice
et hat
a hate, a hatred
å krangle
to quarrel, to argue
en vold
a violence
å dømme
to judge, to condemn, to convict, to sentence, to adjudicate, to doom, to referee
å mistenke
to suspect
en mistenkt
a suspect
en fange
a captive, a prisoner, a convict
en krigsfange
a prisoner of war
en trussel
a threat
en rettighet
a right, a law (system)
å grunnlegge
to found (an organization)
i etterkant av
"after the"
i kjølvannet av
"in the wake of"
en domstol
a court (of law)
en kriminalitet
a crime (in the general/abstract sense)
en morder
a killer, a murderer
et råd
an advice, a tip, a council
å anklage
to accuse, to charge, to indict
å hindre
to hinder, to prevent
å skjule
to hide, to conceal, to cover
hidden, latent
en myndighet
an authority
lov til
"allowed to"
å foreslå
to suggest, to propose
en dommer
a judge, an arbiter, a referee
ei skyld
a sake, a fault, a blame, a guilt
independent, self-sufficient
å rømme
to flee, to escape
ei unnskyldning
an apology, an excuse
å samarbeide
to collaborate, to cooperate
en legitimasjon
an identity, an ID
å gjennomføre
to implement, to carry out, to conduct