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et blad
a leaf, a magazine, a blade (knife, turbine, etc.)
en foss
a waterfall
et nordlys
(a) Northern Lights
et frø
a seed
ei eng
a meadow
ei gren
a branch (of a tree)
et telt
a tent
en soloppgang
a sunrise
en solnedgang
a sunset
en dal
a valley
ei villmark
a wilderness, a wild
ei rot
a root
ei furu
a pine, a fir
å gjemme
to hide, to shelter
en busk
a bush, a shrub
en stamme
a (tree) trunk
ei eik
an oak
en fjord
a fjord
en jeger
a hunter
ei felle
a trap
å kartlegge
to chart, to map
et spor
a track, a trail
ei lønn
a wage, a salary, a maple (tree)
en lønnsirup
a maple syrup
en leir
a camp
underground, subterranean
å vare
to last
en søle
a mud
å grave
to dig
en bakke
a ground, a hill, a knoll
å begrave
to bury
ei hule
a cave
ei stillhet
a silence, a peacefulness
å høre hjemme
to belong