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Attention Bias
When someone focuses on only one or two choices despite there being several possible outcomes.
Availability Heuristic
Where people overestimate the importance of information that is available to them.
Backfire Effect
When you reject evidence that contradicts your point of view or statement, even if you know it's true.
Bandwagon Effect
The probability of one person adopting a belief increases based on the number of people who hold that belief. This is a powerful form of groupthink.
Belief Bias
A bias where people make faulty conclusions based on what they already believe or know.
Bias Blind Spot
If you fail to realize your own cognitive biases, you have a bias blind spot. Everyone thinks they're not as biased as people may think, which is a cognitive bias itself.
Choice-Supportive Bias
A bias in which you think positive things about a choice once you made it, even if that choice has flaws.
Clustering Illusion
To conclude that data contains a "streak" or "cluster" when that set is actually random.
Confirmation Bias
A tendency people have to believe certain information that confirms what they think or believe in.
Conservatism Bias
Where people believe prior evidence more than new evidence or information that emerged.
Curse of Knowledge
When people who are smarter or more well informed can not understand the common man.
Decoy Effect
A phenomenon in marketing where consumers have a specific change in preference between two choices after being presented with a third choice.
Denomination Effect
People are less likely to spend large bills than their equivalent value in small bills or coins.
Duration Neglect
When the duration of an event doesn't factor enough into a valuation.
Empathy Gap
Where people in one state fail to understand people in another state.