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Frequency Illusion
Where a word, name or thing you just learned about suddenly appears everywhere.
Galatea Effect
Where people succeed because they think they should.
Halo Effect
Where we take one positive attribute of someone and associate it with everything else about that person or thing.
Hard-Easy Bias
Where everyone is overconfident on easy problems and not confident enough for hard problems.
People tend to flock together, especially in difficult or uncertain times.
Hindsight Bias
The tendency to see past events as predictable.
Hyperbolic Discounting
The tendency for people to want an immediate payoff rather than a larger gain later on.
Ideometer Effect
Where an idea causes you to have an unconscious physical reaction, like a sad thought that makes your eyes tear up.
Illusion of Control
The tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events, namely, screaming sports fans.
Illusion of Validity
When weak but consistent data leads to confident predictions.
Information Bias
The tendency to seek information when it does not affect action.
Inter-Group Bias
We view people in our group differently than we would someone in another group.
Irrational Escalation
Investing more money or resources into something based on prior investment, even if you know it's a bad one.
Negativity Bias
The tendency to put more emphasis on negative experiences rather than positive ones (Neuroticism).
Observer-Expectancy Bias
Our expectations unconsciously influence how we perceive an outcome.